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Torn Books and Other Secrets by Alexandra Burt

With all the bookstores, Kindles, and wireless downloads, it’s almost impossible to imagine books were hard to come by in the small town in Germany where I grew up. I devoured them all; the hardcovers with their pages stuck together, the bent paperbacks covered in dust, most… Read More

Happy Publication to FOR REASONS UNKNOWN by Michael Wood

Wishing a very happy publication day to author Michael Wood whose debut thriller For Reasons Unknown has hit UK e-tailers today! Some seriously shining reviews have already been rolling in from early readers, and we are pleased to have Michael following up his Q&A from last… Read More

With Thanks to Ruth Rendell by Mary-Jane Riley

 A cold, drab winter’s day in a town on the Suffolk coast. The gunmetal grey sky leached into the North Sea. I was shown into a conference room in a hotel and  there, waiting for me, was Ruth Rendell. I was there to interview her… Read More

The beginnings of Tuesday Falling

When I was six I got into trouble for smashing a hole in the back of my cupboard with my dad’s hammer, trying to find Narnia. It wasn’t a lot of trouble, me being only six, but me being only six meant it made a big impression! For years… Read More

Patrick Kendrick’s Top 10 favourite books

From my  youth ‘til now:   20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, by Jules Verne enriched my young reader’s mind with the notion of adventure, Sci Fi and it was probably my first exposure to an anti-hero, in Captain Nemo, while the antagonist in the story is… Read More

Author of SOMEONE OUT THERE, Catherine Hunt shares her Top 10 Books

   Strangers on a Train/Patricia Highsmith. A clever and simple idea for the perfect murder. Excellent portrayal of the relationship between the two main characters; the psychopath Bruno and his alter ego, Guy, who is the target of his corruption. To Kill a Mockingbird/Harper Lee. I love this for its… Read More

S is for Strawberry – S. Williams on pseudonyms

Author S. Williams of Tuesday Falling talks writing under a pseudonym. And a quirky one at that. ‘The problem with being with a writer is that you either never see them, or they want to get involved in entirely inappropriate ways,’ said my partner. ‘What’s wrong with wanting to call… Read More

A Killer Q&A with author Catherine Hunt

Tell us about yourself. I’m a journalist who for many years was with BBC TV news producing and then editing the main TV news shows. Started out on local papers in the dim, distant past. Currently run a media consultancy business. Avid reader of crime fiction. Tell… Read More