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Q&A with authors Lars Kepler #killerfest15

Your name: Lars Kepler Tell us about yourself: We are a husband and wife team and our real names are Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril. We were writers in our own names long before Lars Kepler. So we knew by experience that writing is one of the loneliest professions in the… Read More

Q&A with author Jane Casey @janecaseyauthor #killerfest15

Your name: Jane Casey Tell us about yourself: I was born and brought up in Dublin, then read English at Oxford. I worked in publishing for nine years, specialising in children’s books. I’ve now written ten crime novels: seven for adults and three for teens. I live in London. I’m married to… Read More

Q&A with author Bonnie MacBird @macbird #killerfest15

Your name: Bonnie MacBird Tell us about yourself: Born in San Francisco at a time when women wore gloves and hats to the city, and the world was giddily optimistic with peacetime and television and space travel.  I fell in love with Sherlock Holmes at age ten and read the… Read More

Q&A with author Peter James @peterjamesuk #killerfest15

Your name: Peter James Tell us about yourself: I was born and brought up in Brighton and I now have homes in Notting Hill in London and near Brighton in Sussex. Before I became a full time novelist I worked in film – both as a producer and screenwriter. Tell… Read More

The Weapons of Tuesday #killerfest15

When deciding on what weapons would suit Tuesday I had to think carefully. I wanted them to be cool, stylish and completely unavailable. The last thing I wanted was to get a phone call about some copycat murder. I pull the 1934 Russian PB 9mm silenced pistol from my thigh… Read More

Q&A with author Emma Kavanagh @EmmaLK #killerfest15

Your name: Emma Kavanagh  Tell us about yourself: I have a PhD in psychology, am a police & military psychologist turned author, and am now kept entertained as the mother of two small boys (aged 3 and 6 months). Tell us about your latest book: Hidden is published on… Read More

Q&A with author Rosie Claverton @rosieclaverton #killerfest15

Your (author) name: Rosie Claverton Tell us about yourself: I am a screenwriter, novelist and junior psychiatrist living in London. Tell us about your latest book: Code Runner is the second book in Cardiff-set series The Amy Lane Mysteries. Ex-con Jason Carr is framed for murder and agoraphobic… Read More

Q&A with author Tony Schumacher @tonyshoey #killerfest15

Your name: Tony Schumacher Tell us about yourself: I came to your planet three thousand… oh hang on, no that’s not right. I’m a writer based in Liverpool, first novel, The Darkest Hour, out in 2014, second one due 2015. I’ve had what seems like a thousand jobs, including copper, taxi… Read More

Q&A with author JS Law @JSLawBooks #killerfest15

Your name: J.S.Law Tell us about yourself: I joined the Royal Navy in 1993 as an apprentice and went on to serve for twenty years, the majority spent in the Submarine Service. I rose through the ranks, taking a commission as an engineering officer in 2001, and serving as… Read More