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Q&A with author Bruce Holsinger @bruceholsinger #killerfest15

Photograph by Daniel Addison Your name: Bruce Holsinger Tell us about yourself: I’m a writer, scholar, and unhealthily fanatical soccer dad. In my day job I teach English literature at the University of Virginia. Tell us about your latest book: The Invention of Fire imagines the beginning of gun violence in… Read More

Q&A with author Fergus McNeill @fergusmcneill #killerfest15

Your (author) name: Fergus McNeill Tell us about yourself: I run a studio that makes apps for mobile phones, and I’ve been designing games since I was a teenager back in the eighties… but really, I always wanted to be an author. My early games were interactive fiction… Read More

Q&A with author Chris Curran @Christi_Curran #killerfest15

Your name: Chris Curran Tell us about yourself: I was born in London and left school at sixteen to work in the local library – my dream job at the time. After an idyllic few months reading everything on the shelves I returned to full-time education, took my degree, and became… Read More

Q&A with author Lynn Shepherd @Lynn_Shepherd #killerfest15

Your name: Lynn Shepherd Tell us about yourself: I write ‘literary mysteries’ – in essence, historical crime novels with a literary angle. The first was Murder at Mansfield Park in 2010 – I’m proud to have been the first novelist to turn Jane Austen murderous! Then it was… Read More

A certain kind of story #killerfest15

As a crime fiction writer I believe that the appeal of the genre lies in the fact that there is something out there for everyone; thriller, suspense, or mystery. From detective fiction and legal thrillers to courtroom dramas and hard-boiled noir, you get to pick and choose… Read More

Q&A with author Ian Sansom @ian_sansom #killerfest15

Your (author) name: Ian Sansom. Which is not only my (author) name. It’s my actual name. Tell us about yourself: Must I? Why? What would you like to know? Honestly, there’s not much to tell. Birth. School. Work. The usual. Tell us about your latest book: Oh yes, that’s… Read More

Q&A with author Patrick Kendrick #killerfest15

Your name: Patrick Kendrick Tell us about yourself: I was in the fire service most of my adult life but always did freelance writing for newspapers and magazines. Initially, I was doing personal experience and crime related stories, but when Gerard Schaefer, a serial killer I wrote about… Read More

A writer’s natural habitat #killerfest15

Dickens had his chalet. Roald Dahl had his shed. Maya Angelou, hotel rooms. Edith Sitwell wrote in bed. All of my books have been written nowhere in particular, and in transit, between jobs and very late at night. My first book, The Truth About Babies, was written while traveling with… Read More