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Writing about Britain #killerfest15

The fact that we’re Americans writing about Britain isn’t unusual. Elizabeth George and Martha Grimes and Deborah Crombie—just to name a few—have trod the ground before us.  Just as English writers like Rhys Bowen, Dick Francis, Lee Child have often chosen the States for their setting.  Getting about Britain today… Read More

Pole dancer… #killerfest15

Every character starts out with a few short sharp details. In the opening sequence of a Bond movie in that one small circle, you get: man suit gun bang. When I first created my heroine I got: bipolar FBI agent bang. Because with that one adjective “bipolar”, everything kicked off. Read More

Q&A with author Alex Barclay #killerfest15

Photograph by Muireann Brady Your (author) name: Alex Barclay Tell us about yourself: I live in Cork, I write crime novels, I love coffee. Tell us about your latest book: It’s called Killing Ways and it’s the fifth featuring Ren Bryce. Brief lowdown: a serial rapist and murderer is… Read More

I needed a corpse… #killerfest15

I never set out be be a crime novelist. Even after I’d written two full drafts of my first novel, A Line of Blood, I didn’t realise that I was. I wanted to tell the story of a London couple who had fallen into parenthood as they had into marriage:… Read More

Q&A with S. Williams, author of TUESDAY FALLING

What drew you to the world of crime? Watching James Bond as a child.  Then Get Carter. Then reading Chandler. James Lee Burke. Rupert Thomson. Working in Soho and swimming in the fabulous gutteratti that butters the place. What author (besides yourself) do you think that everyone should… Read More

An autobiographical setting: Chris Curran on MINDSIGHT

To celebrate the publication of Mindsight, we’ve got an exclusive post from the author on her affinity for the sea and the role it played in her new book.   A single light shone in the black absence of the sea: a boat moving slowly through the nothingness,… Read More

Crime in the Wild

Mark Sennen is the author of many books including the recently published Tell Tale. Today he shares 5 crime novels with setting at the forefront. The TV series Broardchurch has, apparently, led to an increase in people wanting to move to Dorset on account of the countryside. ‘Picturesque, haunting scenery’… Read More