Alex Barclay on big crime in a small place

Colorado is where people go to disappear.

It was a throwaway remark from a detective friend, but as soon as I heard it, I knew I wanted to hide a killer there. I planned to give Colorado a special guest appearance in a New York-based novel. Instead, I created a whole new series, with a new heroine, FBI Special Agent Ren Bryce, working for a violent crime squad based in Denver. Colorado deserved a starring role. What I needed next was a small-town crime scene. And it was then that I discovered what came to be one of my favourite places in the world: Breckenridge, a small and beautiful resort town ninety miles west of Denver.

I love a big crime in a small place, and with Blood Runs Cold, the first Ren Bryce novel, the body of an FBI agent is found close to Breckenridge on a snow-covered mountain called Quandary Peak.

I hiked the mountain on my first visit to Breckenridge – in the breezy August heat when the town was filled with hikers and bikers. The atmosphere was friendly, upbeat; the perfect place to showcase a shocking crime… with such pretty cracks in which to hide secrets.

But Breckenridge is more than just pretty; it’s interesting, it’s rich.  It’s got a history filled with gold and nuggets of all kind. It became a mining star when its Blue River turned to gold in the mid-1800s, and it welcomed a parade of lively characters that left their mark around town. And when its gold ran out, Breckenridge’s loyal residents rescued their town. Keeping a fierce grip on its charm, they worked hard over the years to turn it into the world-class ski resort it is today: a functioning, sporting, dazzling winter wonderland.

And it was when I visited Breckenridge in winter that I really fell in love with it.  It was a dark night, brightened by fairy lights and falling snow. It was a magical sight, a spectacular blend of warmth and cold. I knew I would always come back.

But not right away. For the sequel to Blood Runs Cold, Time of Death, the plot was suited to Denver and Texas. But I was drawn to Breckenridge again for the latest novel, Blood Loss. Two young girls disappear from a hotel room in Breckenridge, and Ren’s team is called in to investigate. No matter where I was when I was writing Blood Loss, no matter what the weather, I was in Breckenridge in the snow, looking for killers.

Colorado is where people go to disappear…


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