Homeland Season 2, Episode 2 review

This week sees Killer Reader (and newlywed) Katie Sadler writing the second review for the hit TV show Homeland – if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet then your homework is to catch up on it – the first series is amazing and the second series just seems to be getting better and better!

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Another week, another gripping episode as Carrie, aka Angela from My So Called Life, and Saul, aka Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride, battle terrorism.

Warning: Major spoilers in this review!


In the last episode, Carrie was flown out to Beirut. Not reinstated into her old post, her team needed her back to get information out of an old informant – the wife of the Hezbollah commander.  She showed us her mental crazy eyes (I would SO not have let her into the country with those) and within about 10 minutes of landing had already done something to contradict her old mentor and boss, Saul. Way to build the trust, Carrie.

The episode starts out with Carrie meeting her informant and getting details of a meeting with her husband and Abu Nazir, due to take place the next day in a public location. She then somehow manages to convince Saul and the American military to launch a strike on the ground, despite no one else being able to verify her information, and despite her acting pretty mental.  I can’t quite remember when she has her breakdown, but it’s around now. There’s a lot of angry cry face.

However, despite all that she manages it. The military head out to the location the next day where snipers have managed to get into place on rooftops and in stores all around the meeting spot without anyone seeing.

MEANWHILE. Brody, now a congressman, gets invited along to watch the live broadcast of this all taking place. Why a congressman would be invited to this, I have no idea, especially as none of the other VP prospects are there, but there you go. Brody, seeing that his bezzie, Abu Nazir, is about to be killed, gets his phone out and sends a text message: May 1. Ie: Get out of there!

On the other side of the world, Abu receives the text and just as they fire on him, ducks and gets out of the way. S**t.

It’s all gone wrong! Carrie, Saul and their team must get out ASAP but first they have to pick up the informant, who staked everything to give them the information. They stop at her apartment and she comes out running with her suitcase. Let’s go! But no! Carrie is back to her old obsessive self. “GIVE ME YOUR KEYS” she yells and then storms up the staircase into the apartment, looking for anything that could give them more information on potential terrorists or terrorist attacks.  She finds some papers and stuffs them into a nearby bag.

MEANWHILE! The car outside is being rocked from side to side by angry neighbours who don’t like Americans. Or something. I’m not sure why they got so angry so quickly, but whatever – they needed to GO. So they drive off and leave Carrie to it.

MEANWHILE! Some of the angry mob break off and run up to where they have seen Carrie running! They are holding things like bats. You know it’s going to get bad. Carrie has the bag of stuff and is running away from them and then just as you think they’re about to catch her OMG THANK GOD the car is there and she’s away.


It was all thoroughly exhausting.


After all the excitement, Carrie loses the brown hair, goes back to the US and looks around her sister’s house, where she now lives, feeling pretty sad. She hadn’t wanted to go out to Beirut, but got so caught up in the action. Didn’t we all? Now that she’s back, it all feels disappointing and small.

Saul is still in Beirut, going through the papers and CDs that Carrie collected. There’s nothing – it was all a waste of time. Just as he’s about to pack everything away, he feels something hard sewn in to the lining of the bag that she packed everything in to. He rips it open and there he finds an SD card.

And there… there my friends is the cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers. Because on that SD card is a video of Brody. The video that they were planning to release when he blew up the bunker he was in with the president toward the end of season one. Where he explains why he turned to Hizbullah. Where he talks about the reasons he needed to fight the US government.




Despite being occasionally angered by watching this show (as you might have guessed), I am still glued to it every Sunday night. I cannot wait for next week’s episode!  What did you think of this week’s? What do you predict will happen next?


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