Homeland: Episode Seven

Is it just me, or is Homeland properly back on form now? After a bit of a slow start to the series, the last three weeks have been absolutely cracking! Spoilers abound!


The theme of last night’s episode was basically ‘you CIA guys are pretty awful, aren’t you?’. They helped to cover for the murder of two innocent women after Javadi shot his daughter-in-law and then stabbed his ex-wife repeatedly in the face with a broken bottle (that was a horrendous scene). They then offered up Quinn as the murderer, as he’d been spotted outside by the neighbour’s CCTV camera, and basically told the cops they had to let him get away with a double homicide. Saul punched a suspect (Javadi) in the face. And then he then blackmailed Javadi and forced him to return to Iran to act as a spy for them, thus releasing a known terrorist back into the world.

Is this okay? Is this the way a government agency should act, even if they do have good intentions? Some of the characters don’t think so – Senator Lockhart, who is due to take over control of the CIA in 10 days time, is not a fan, preferring drones to human intelligence. The police inspector who Quinn confesses to says the memorable line ‘Have you ever done anything but make things worse?’ – so far, not so much. Quinn is ready to quit. Fara can’t quite believe that they are letting Javadi go when he’s caused so much evil. But Saul is resolved, and Carrie is always on Saul’s side, so she’s resolved too.

My favourite scene: Definitely when Saul locked Senator Lockhart in a meeting room and then switched off the lights. I need one of those remote controls in my life. Having a disagreement with someone? Press A to lock them in and B to plunge them into darkness.

My second favourite scene: When Dana left home. I’m really hoping that this means a Dana-free Homeland future, but I have a feeling we haven’t heard the end of her…

Questions: So many, as always. But one in particular: does anyone else think Dar Adal is seriously suspicious? One minute he’s hating on Saul and dobbing him in to the Senator, then next he’s all chummy with Saul again, enjoying a scotch to celebrate locking Lockhart into a room. He was anti-Carrie for ages, now he seems okay with her again. It feels like he’s always on the periphery, spying on people. I mean, I guess technically his job is ‘Spy’ but still. It’s suspect.

– Katie, HarperFiction

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