New Year – New Fear

Happy 2014 Killer Readers! We hope you all had a cheerful festive season. We’ve got a great year of utterly gripping crime & thrillers ahead and can’t wait to share them with you!

If you’re wondering what to pick up next, read on to hear some of the team talking about the authors they’ve recently discovered and the books they’re most looking forward to reading in 2014.


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My new read of 2014 is The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison. What an incredible debut novel – utterly compelling and chilling; a book that makes you realise what desperation will drive people to do. I closed the book with an extremely heavy heart, not just because I’d come to the end of this fantastic tale, but because this was the author’s first and last novel – tragically, she died of cancer shortly before the book was published, in April 2013. It has received great acclaim across the globe and it’s desperately sad that A.S.A. Harrison didn’t live to see this. It’s a belter of a book, and if you loved Gone Girl, then this will be right up your street too.
– Helen, Avon

The author I’ve discovered is actually someone I’m reading right now. His name is Greg Iles and his new book, Natchez Burning, is incredible. It’s set in Mississippi, and goes back and forth between the late 60s, a time of deep civil unrest and racial tension, and the present. It’s deeply disturbing, but so well written. I can’t believe I’d never read any of his books before and it’s something I intend to correct as soon as I can. The other books are set in the same town, featuring the same characters, so my resolution for 2014 is to steal the first one from the editorial team and start reading his entire backlist…
– Katie S, HarperFiction

My new crime author for 2014 is Dolores Redondo. She is already a number 1 bestselling author in Spain, rights have been sold in over twenty countries so far and the producer of The Killing and The Millenium Trilogy has already snapped up the film rights. Set in the Basque region, The Invisible Guardian begins with the brutal murder of a young girl, discovered on the banks of the Baztan river. Detective Inspector Amaia Salazar returns to her home town of Elizondo to find the killer before he strikes again and is forced to come face to face with some dark secrets of her own. I have been looking for a strong female detective to rival the likes of Lars Kepler’s Joona Linna series and I think I may just have found one. It will definitely be my crime read of summer 2014!
– Laura, Blue Door Books

The novel that I’m really looking forward to in 2014 is Bird Box, by Josh Malerman. This debut novel is a suspense-filled apocalyptic horror story, where strange incidents of violence start occurring around the world. Something is causing people to literally go insane and as the reports rapidly increase, people are advised to avoid going – or even looking – outside, for fear of seeing the thing that causes the insanity. Everyone who has already read this book is raving about it and have told me I won’t be able to put it down until I’ve finished the whole book in one sitting. I cannot wait to read it!
– Katie M, HarperFiction

Look out for Lauren’s Beukes’s new novel, BROKEN MONSTERS. In the ruined city of Detroit, a serial killer is creating mash-ups straight out of your worst nightmares. If you loved THE SHINING GIRLS, you have an epic treat in store…
– Kate, HarperFiction

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