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To celebrate the publication of Charles Cumming’s latest gripping spy thriller, A Colder War, we’ve set up a mole hunt of our very own.

Every day this week we will be posting two videos of Charles on a different blog site. For your chance to win a Kindle all you need to do is watch each video and answer the given question relating to that video.

At the end of the week, once you have all ten answers, take the first letter of each answer and it will spell out the name of a famous mole.

For example…

If the answers each day were MONDAY, OLIVE, LIGHTS, and EVERYONE, the final answer would be MOLE

Everyone still with me?!

When you have the name of the mole, please send your answer to killerreads@harpercollins.co.uk with the subject header MOLE HUNT. Entries will close at midnight on Friday 9th May.

The videos and questions will be posted on the following sites:

Monday 28th Aprils23783.p595.sites.pressdns.com – we’re kicking off the mole hunt right here, right now! So see below for the first videos

Tuesday 29th Aprilwww.thetattooedbook.blogspot.co.uk

Wednesday 30th Aprilwww.civilian-reader.blogspot.co.uk

Thursday 1st Maywww.readerdad.co.uk

Friday 2nd Maywww.shotsmag.co.uk


Let the hunt begin…

Watch the video below and answer the following questions:

What are the surnames of the 2nd and 4th guests at Charles Cumming’s literary dinner party?