Crime Fighting Duos with Faye Kellerman’s Murder 101

LAPD lieutenant Peter Decker and his wife and crime-solving partner Rina Lazarus are back in Faye Kellerman’s newest thriller, Murder 101! The couple moved from the chaos of their earlier life by moving to a quiet town in upstate New York, but being semi-retired lacks the excitement of crime solving in L.A. So when two beautiful stained glass windows are stolen from The Bergman crypt, Decker and Lazarus are back on the case!

With the release of Murder 101 today, it’s a good time to take a look at some of our favourite literary crime duos!

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Holmes & Watson

The brilliant and eccentric consulting detective and his flatmate, assistant and friend’s placement on any list of crime duos is simply, well…elementary. The well-loved pair continue to live on today through new novels, TV and movies thanks to the incredibly great public outcry when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle attempted to kill off Holmes that eventually convinced him to bring the iconic detective back from the dead—much to the joy of his audience and dear Watson.


Alex Cross & John Sampson

Alex and John have been friends since childhood; who better to have at your side while fighting crime in Washington, D.C.? The pair’s younger years were full of troubles and morally questionable behaviour, and even today they’re not always the most law abiding detectives (revenge is a tricky business after all). But together they do everything they can to protect their community and each other, even at risk of their own lives.

Lisbeth Salander & Mikael Blomkvist

A tattooed, pierced computer hacker and a middle aged, disgraced investigative journalist hardly seem like the perfect crime solving team, but the two make almost easy work of solving some of the most brutal murders in Sweden in the Millennium trilogy.  Despite their unlikely and often rocky relationship, the nearly fearless pair regularly put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of the truth and each other’s safety.


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Written by Lauren Nettles @LaurenRNettles

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