#KillerFest15 Programme


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Friday 13th March: Twitter

2.00pm: ERIN KELLY – Live chat with author of the Broadchurch books on KillerReads Twitter feed

2.30pm: #askkillerreads – Ask the Killer Reads team anything. On KillerReads Twitter feed

3.00pm: CLARE MACKINTOSH – Psychological thrillers with twists. On KillerReads Twitter feed

3.30pm: SJ PARRIS in conversation with JONNY GELLER. On KillerReads Twitter feed

4.00pm: IAN RANKIN – Live chat. On Waterstones Twitter feed

4.30pm: ISABELLE GREY in conversation with SARAH HILARY KillerReads Twitter feed

5.00pm: HENRY SUTTON – Live chat. Professor of MA in crime fiction. On KillerReads Twitter feed

5.30pm: IRISH CRIME FICTION – join William Ryan, Louise Phillips, Ava McCarthy and Sheena Lambert

6.00pm: ALEX CAVENDISH & JONATHAN ROBINSON – two ex-prisoners – frank live chat about prisons and probation. On KillerReads Twitter feed

6.30pm: EMMA KAVANAGH – Live chat with police psychologist. On KillerReads Twitter feed

7.00pm: WILL SMITH – Live chat with Mainlander author. On KillerReads Twitter feed

Friday 13th March: Facebook

2.30pm: DAVID BRAWN – What it’s like to be Agatha Christie’s publisher. On KillerReads Facebook

* Also, exclusive Agatha Christie cover reveal

3.00pm: SIMON TOYNE – Live chat. On KillerReads Facebook

3.30pm: RYAN MOSS – Q&A with forensic pathologist. On KillerReads Facebook

4.00pm: BONNIE MACBIRD – author the new Sherlock Holmes book Art in the Blood. On KillerReads Facebook

4.30pm: MARK SENNEN, STEVE CAVANAGH & CM THOMPSON. Emerging voices. On KillerReads Facebook

5.00pm: DOM HASTINGS from Bloody Scotland – Tartan Noir. On KillerReads Facebook

5.30pm: CL TAYLOR – emerging voices in psychological crime. On KillerReads Facebook

6.00pm: DAVID MARK – crime fact vs. crime fiction. On KillerReads Facebook

6.30pm: CLAIRE KENDAL – Q&A on getting published. On KillerReads Facebook

Saturday 14th March: Twitter

2.00pm: PAUL FINCH – ‘What I learned from scriptwriting’. On KillerReads Twitter feed

2.30pm: ANN CLEEVES – Live chat. On Waterstones Twitter feed

3.00pm: ANDREW TAYLOR & BARRY FORSHAW  On KillerReads Twitter feed

3.30pm: DAVID HEWSON – The Killing Books. On Waterstones Twitter feed

4.00pm: MATTHEW DUNN – Live chat. On KillerReads Twitter feed

4.30pm: BEN MCPHERSON – Live chat with Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and Adult Psychotherapist Anna Motz. On KillerReads Twitter feed

5.00pm: BARRY FORSHAW & JAKE KERRIDGE – Live chat with two crime fiction critics. On KillerReads Twitter feed

5.30pm: ROSIE CLAVERTON – The intersection between mental health and crime. On KillerReads Twitter feed

6.00pm: LUKE DELANEY – Live chat. On KillerReads Twitter feed

6.30pm: FERGUS MCNEILL – Favourite criminals and detectives in fiction. On KillerReads Twitter feed

7.00pm: JACKIE MALTON – The former DCI of the Met who inspired Prime Suspect. On KillerReads Twitter feed

7.30pm: STUART MACBRIDE – Live chat. On Waterstones Twitter feed

Saturday 14th March: Facebook

2.00pm: LONDON CALLING – London based crime with JAMES CRAIG and ANYA LIPSKA. On KillerReads Facebook

2.30pm: JULIE SHAW – Nature or nurture? Debate on the penal system. On KillerReads Facebook

3.00pm: MEL SHERRATT – Domestic Noir. On KillerReads Facebook

3.30pm: WORKING WITH CRIME BLOGGERS. On KillerReads Facebook

4.00pm: THE SOUND OF VIOLENCE – a discussion on the intersection of crime and music with WILLIAM SHAW, PETER MAY, STAV SHEREZ & MARTYN WAITES On KillerReads Facebook

4.30pm: MEET KILLERREADS EDITORS KATE STEPHENSON AND SARAH HODGSON – answering questions about the new open submissions On KillerReads Facebook

5.30pm: WHAT’S IN A NAME? –  a discussion about whether women crime writers still feel they have to change their names for the crime genre. On KillerReads Facebook

6.00pm: KAREN ROSE – get your questions ready for best-selling author, Karen Rose. On KillerReads Facebook

6.30pm: CHARLES ARDAI of HARD CASE CRIME – talking about the golden age of crime novels. On KillerReads Facebook

7.00pm: LYNN SHEPHERD, CHRIS NICKSON & BRUCE HOLSINGER – Historical crime. On KillerReads Facebook


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