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Your name – Lou

Your blog’s name – Crime Book Club

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Which types of books do you review? – I review all kinds of crime novels, thrillers, mystery, psychological, a classic ‘who done it’ and all in between.

What do you like about crime fiction? I love the unknown, not knowing what is coming next is such a thrill. I also love the twists that catch you out, the ones that make you take a deep breath.

For anyone starting out, can you recommend 5 essential crime books to read? I’m not sure if they are essential but they are my must reads.

Do you have 1 or 2 personal favourites? This changes all the time as so many new authors come along but I would always pre-order books by Stuart Macbride, Leigh Russell, Sarah Hilary, Karen Long, Mark Sennen, Lisa Cutts and Mo Hayder.

New crime fiction author you are most excited by? Last year I was introduced to Karen Long, author of ‘The Safe Word’ and ‘ The Vault’. I have heard that Karen is working on her third in the Eleanor Raven series and I can not wait!

Greatest fictional criminal? I do love Hannibal Lector, I would invite him to dinner, maybe I would cook though!!

Greatest fictional detective? For me it will always be Sherlock Holmes, so much so my cat bears his name.

Are you on social media? Twitter – @CrimeBookClub Facebook – Crime Book Club

How can authors and publishers encourage you to review their books? I like it when they make an effort to connect with a reader, interact on social media and make the build up to a new book release interesting. I do love a bit of mystery post.

How do you like people to contact you? I live on Twitter and Facebook so social media is a good way but I also have email –

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