The Weapons of Tuesday #killerfest15

When deciding on what weapons would suit Tuesday I had to think carefully. I wanted them to be cool, stylish and completely unavailable. The last thing I wanted was to get a phone call about some copycat murder.

I pull the 1934 Russian PB 9mm silenced pistol from my thigh holster and point it at the top of the escalator, feeling very Resident Evil.

tuesday pistol


Beautiful, aren’t they? The PB (Pistolet BesshumnyJ) was not actually developed until 1967, and was based on the earlier Makarov PM Pistol.

I liked the look of it so much that I transported the make date back a few years and put it in the hands of Tuesday. It has a two part detachable silencer and can fire 8 rounds. Lovely!


I shoot Mr Hood-down through the right eye. His right, not mine. There’s no sound because I’m using a crossbow pistol. The bolt leaves the mechanism at a million miles an hour then buries itself in Hood-down’s brain. Or what passed as his brain.

tuesday's crossbow pistol

This particular version, as used outside Candy’s drug-club, was made by Frederic Siber In the early 19th century. It is currently on display at Morges Military Museum. Because of its rarity I felt on much safer ground, and did not feel the need to change its date of construction.


Danny’s not doing a whole lot right now, except maybe twitching a bit. I take out the flare gun and shoot the other two in the face.

tuesday flare gun

1941 Dated German Luftwaffe Double Signal Pistol – Flieger Leuchtpistole by Krieghoff, Suhl.

This one I particularly like. Sub-zero cool cross between Dirty Harry and some alternative steampunk gig. You can imagine it round the back of the club, muffled bass vibrating the air, the magnesium light from the flares whiting out the walls and fire-flowering the two gang-boys.


Have a nice day, boys. I open up the satchel and pull out two curved scythes. I stand up and walk towards them. Swish swash. It doesn’t take long. It never takes long .


Ah, the hand scythes. The tube. The stuttering emergency lights and the screaming. The blood splatters muraling the walls. This example is from 1910 and is Laotian Nep, Burmese or Northern Thai.

Whatever, it’s a horror show waiting to happen.

Hope you have found this interesting.

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