Fall Back in Love with Reading: Helena’s Picks

Ice Twins PB coverThis autumn we wanted to talk about the books that have made us fall back in love with reading. So we’ve hijacked the American autumnal terminology and have asked ourselves what were the books that saved us from our reading slump. Even publishing folks can find themselves burned out on books (unthinkable, I know!). Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you three books have that kick-started Avon‘s Helena back on the book-eating bandwagon.

 – S.K. Tremayne
This was the book that changed my reading taste. My first psychological thriller, the book and I were inseparable. I was unashamedly sneaking peaks under my desk at work as I simply couldn’t wait to find out the truth behind this terrifying premise.

A REUNION OF GHOSTS – Judith Claire Mitchell
It’s not often you snort with laughter mid-sob, but this scatty, piercing, hilarious novel induces emotions you’d forgotten you had. It will fuel your love-affair with language as it luxuriates in every syllable, slap you in the face with its sheer brilliance, and follow you for months afterwards because you can’t bear to let go.

HOW TO BE BOTH – Ali Smith
Surprising, exuberant and lyrical, the voices in this book come blasting out of the page as though the characters are sitting next to you and chatting incessantly. You wouldn’t think a Renaissance artist and a child of the 21st Century would have much in common, and their stories are in some ways unique, in others identical, but always overwhelmingly empowering.


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