The Detective Club July Picks

The Detective club is BACK! The exhilarating series of crime fiction with all the whodunit feels of ‘the Golden Age’ of 1920s and 1930s classic crime. The Detective Club present a series of storylines set against glamorous backdrops with their original vintage covers. With a mixed set of tragedies and subtle romances, these books are known for their surprising endings and solutions that the reader won’t see coming! In the words of the master Bernard Capes:  – ‘a successful crime [is] but a crime that does not appear to be a crime at all.’

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Introducing Ngaio Marsh’s The Nursing Home Murder...a book that transforms the detective story from a mere puzzle to a full-blown fascinating novel!  With the utterance of one man’s murderous threat and the death of the Home Secretary the very next day, this is a story of victim and perpetrators alike where nothing is quite as it seems.  Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn is the first to say so, as he is left with the complicated task of finding the murderer of a victim with many enemies. The surgeon wasn’t the only person in the operating room with motives for murdering him… Following her debuts A Man Lay Dead and Enter A Murderer, Marsh promises an ingenious Detective Story classic with a shocking ending you won’t see coming!

And secondly we have Francis Durbridge’s Paul Temple and the Tyler Mystery – the first full-length Paul Temple novel not based on a radio play! When two young women are found murdered within a week of each other, crime writer Paul Temple is enlisted by Scotland Yard to unravel the mystery. Working with his astute wife, they both discover a dark secret that has the power to place them both in mortal danger… Durbridge promises an exhilarating and suspenseful crime novel you won’t be able to put down!

The Nursing Home Murder is OUT NOW! And you can get Paul Temple and the Tyler Mystery from 27th July.


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