After That Night by Karin Slaughter: Silver Extract Unlocked!

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Will heard Sara’s voice before he saw her. She was clearly on the phone. Her office was inside the main building, but she usually transcribed her autopsy notes inside a former storage closet. A desk and office chair had been wedged against the wall. A folding chair was crammed into the corner beside it.

He stood in the doorway, but Sara had no idea that he was there. Her GBI phone was peeking out beneath scattered pages of notes. He counted at least three pens, probably because she had a habit of misplacing them. Her personal phone was stuck between her shoulder and ear while she typed on her laptop.

“Correct, but the picture you sent me looks like she’s using a quadrupod grasp.” Sara ran her finger down her handwritten notes, double-checking herself against the form on her laptop. “No, I wouldn’t worry. It’s less efficient, but she’s basically a genius, so who cares?”

Will assumed that Sara was talking to her sister. Tessa and her daughter had moved into Sara’s building last month, but they still spoke on the phone at least once, sometimes twice a day, often about their mother, who Sara usually talked to every other day, and Will had been told that all of this was perfectly normal.

He knocked on the open door.

Sara turned, smiling when she saw him. She reached out to hold his hand. “Tessie, I have to go.”

Will waited for her to end the call before he leaned down and kissed her cheek. She smelled a hell of a lot better than the rest of the building. Sara pointed to her laptop. “Can you give me a second?”

Will sat in the chair beside her desk while she finished. He turned so that he could take in the view. Faith had been sort of truthful about one thing, at least. Sara didn’t just look beautiful today. She looked fucking hot. Her hair was down around her shoulders. Her make-up was darker than usual. Instead of her usual scrubs, she was wearing a nicely fitted green dress that showed off her legs and a pair of shoes that had cost more than two of Will’s monthly paychecks, which he only knew because he’d accidentally seen the receipt and felt like an electric cattle prod was pressed against his testicles.

“Okay.” Sara closed the laptop and turned to Will. “That was Tessa on the phone. She’s worried about the way Isabelle is grip­ping her pencil.”

Tessa’s daughter was a little older than Faith’s. “Is that a thing?”

“Yes, but also no. Tessa’s deflecting. Lem’s being an asshole about the divorce.” She took off her glasses. “Aren’t you supposed to be in software training right now?”

Will was exactly where he was supposed to be. “Are we going to dance together at our wedding?”

Sara’s face lit up with a smile. “Don’t you want to?”

He guessed that he did now.

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