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I’m always keen to expand my personal ‘Killer Reads’ library with new titles – especially titles I’ve been highly recommended. So, with the Christmas holidays approaching, I thought I’d add some new books to my ‘must-read’ list – and who better to ask for inspiration than one of our Killer crime & thriller writers. This week we’re treating you to the first of two instalments from crime and thriller duo, Voss & Edwards, authors of the unputdownable novels Catch your Death and Killing Cupid.

This week Mark Edwards is sharing his five all-time favourite crime novels, so hold off sending your lists to Santa until next week as there will be plenty of brilliant reads for you to boost your Christmas lists with.

Author Name: Louise Voss and Mark Edwards


Mark Edwards and Louise Voss became writing partners after Louise saw Mark on a TV documentary about aspiring writers. They wrote their first thriller, Killing Cupid, while living 6000 miles apart. Catch Your Death followed, the first novel to feature virologist Kate Maddox. Find them on www.vossandedwards.com


Book 1

Title: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

ISBN 978-0140167771

Dripping with atmosphere, clever, beautifully written, utterly absorbing – if I could live inside any book it would be this one.


Book 2

Title: The Treatment by Mo Hayder

ISBN 978-0553820478

The scariest thriller I have ever read, made even more so by the fact that I used to live where it’s set and would see the tower blocks where the killer lives every morning.



Book 3

Title: American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

ISBN 978-0330536301

Why: Controversial and divisive, but so clever and funny, albeit laughter in the dark. I re-read it often, but skip the gory bits!


Book 4

Title: Out by Natsuo Kirino

ISBN 978-0099472285

Why: I lived in Tokyo for a while and this book perfectly captures the bleak, dark side of Japan the world rarely sees. It has a spiralling sense of dread.



Book 5

Title: The Follower by Jason Starr

ISBN 978-0312359744

Why: A stalker thriller from a hugely underrated writer. He really knows how to make his characters suffer and has great fun while doing so.


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