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During the first week back in the office after Christmas the conversation, of course, turned to the New Year resolutions we had all made – and are absolutely, 100%, definitely going to stick to in 2014! Rather than tell you ours though, we decided to ask our authors whether they had made any. Read on to find out the weird and wonderful resolutions they’ve made for the year ahead…

J.A. Kerley, author of The Death Box:
‘I resolve to increase my intake of red meat, ice cream and beer in the coming months. And to spend more time asleep on the couch.  Since I tend to break my resolutions right from the gate, this is probably the healthiest way to go.’

Andrew Taylor, author of The Scent of Death:
‘My first New Year resolution is to clear the little bits of paper that accumulate like fluff on every horizontal surface in my office. I have many other resolutions, but these should probably be labelled aspirations rather than resolutions and tend to be the same as last year’s.’

Claire Kendal, author of The Book of You:
‘Stretch for half an hour every day so I don’t get a sore neck from all those hours of writing!’

Simon Toyne, author of the Sanctus series:
‘My resolution is to return to Ruin this summer once Solomon Creed – the new book – is written. Anyone with an e-reader will be invited.’

Bruce Holsinger, author of A Burnable Book:
‘In 2014, the Year of Perseverance, I resolve to be called up to the Men’s National Team, lead our boys through group play, and crown it all with a hat trick in the World Cup final at the Maracana in Rio on 13 July, thus securing the United States its first world football title and the right to rename the sport in perpetuity as ‘soccer.’ I will also make every effort to take my dog for longer and more frequent walks.’

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