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Your name: Laura Delve

Your blog’s name: Laura’s little book blog

Blog’s URL:

Which types of books do you review? Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, some detective Crime, YA, contemporary, history, some Horror, Paranormal and Fantasy

What do you like about crime fiction? I like how wide the genre is, it isn’t just focused on a murder case that a detective needs to solve, it can be more focused on the victim or the people surrounding the mystery of the crime, it doesn’t always have to be in the detectives point of view and I also really enjoy some novels where the focus is on the psychological element like Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly. And it can even be lighthearted like The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules. On the other extreme it can be a horror like Bird Box and The Three. You really have so much to choose from with this genre.

For anyone starting out, can you recommend 5 essential crime books to read?

Do you have 1 or 2 personal favourites? Definitely The Girl on the Train and Daughter by Jane Shemilt

New crime fiction author you are most excited by? Paula Hawkins

Greatest fictional criminal? Argh not sure!

Greatest fictional detective? Robert Langdon

Are you on social media? Yes. Twitter: @Midnightstar3

How can authors and publishers encourage you to review their books? Just be friendly and give me a gripping plot 🙂

How do you like people to contact you? on twitter or email:

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