Blog profile: The Welsh Librarian @welshlibrarian #KillerFest15

Category: Interview

Your name: Vicky-Leigh Sayer

Your blog’s name: The Welsh Librarian

Blog’s URL:

Which types of books do you review? A wide variety, mainly crime and psychological thrillers, but also historical, women’s and contemporary fiction.

What do you like about crime fiction? It’s ability to transport you into a world you wouldn’t normally enter, the darker the better!

For anyone starting out, can you recommend 5 essential crime books to read?

Do you have 1 or 2 personal favourites? Thirteen Steps Down by Ruth Rendell. The Accident by C.L .Taylor.

New crime fiction author you are most excited by? SJI Holliday. Her debut Black Wood is outstanding.

Greatest fictional criminal? Mix Cellini (Thirteen Steps Down). Convincingly creepy.

Greatest fictional detective? Max Wolfe (The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons).

Are you on social media? I mainly use Twitter for my blog.

How can authors and publishers encourage you to review their books? I usually don’t need much encouragement but I love to receive review copies and will always write an honest review.

How do you like people to contact you? Twitter, email, netgalley or post.

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