On the setting of I Know My Name by CJ Cooke

Setting is crucial to establish the tone and atmosphere of a novel, and I thought carefully about the ‘where’ of I KNOW MY NAME long before crafting the who, what, and why.             The book has two narrators – Eloise,… Read More

Her Deadly Secret extract

Ahead of the release of Her Deadly Secret by Chris Curran on 21st July, we have an exclusive extract to share with you: Chapter One Joe As the police car brought him home, Joe saw a crowd outside and the cameras started up again. He still had black spots… Read More

The Detective Club July Picks

The Detective club is BACK! The exhilarating series of crime fiction with all the whodunit feels of ‘the Golden Age’ of 1920s and 1930s classic crime. The Detective Club present a series of storylines set against glamorous backdrops with their original vintage covers. With a mixed set of tragedies and… Read More

Q&A with John A Lenahan, author of Ice Lake

–     Lying and telling the truth are significant themes in this novel. What made you focus on these and what inspired you to create your central protagonist, Harry Cull, the professional lie-detector? I read an interesting article on how to beat lie detector machines by a man who thinks… Read More

Guest post by Elizabeth Day, author of The Party

Elizabeth Day’s latest novel, The Party, is a gripping story of obsession and betrayal, privilege and hypocrisy, set in the unassailable heart of the British establishment. In this guest post we learn what Elizabeth’s inspirations were for this novel, as well her fascinating research, and the most important parts of… Read More

Stalker extract

Take a peak at a chilling extract from Lars Kepler’s brand new thriller, Stalker The camera glides slowly through the last of the dark garden and stops right outside the window, swaying slightly as if it were floating on water. ‘She’d see… Read More

The Boy Who Saw extract

Direct from Simon Toyne’s upcoming thiller, The Boy Who Saw, we have this incredible sneak peek extract to share with you:   ‘Three may keep a secret, If two of them are dead.’ Benjamin Franklin… Read More

Q&A with Kate Medina

1. Summarise Scared to Death in once sentence: Everyone is afraid, but some fears can kill you.   2. How long did it take you to write? Scared to Death took me a year to write.  I begin by spending a lot of time just thinking: developing the… Read More

Ovidia Yu Q&A

Why did you start writing crime books? Because I love reading crime books. I love finding out more about the places my favourite books are set in (Louise Penny’s Canada, Donna Leon’s Venice, M.C. Beaton’s Cotswolds and Lochdubh) but at the same time I wanted to write crime books… Read More