A View from Henders Island

Fragment author Warren Fahy published his debut earlier this month. With a wedding and a honeymoon now ticked off, he’s had some time to reflect on being a published author. The experience of writing and publishing FRAGMENT has been strikingly similar to the story of the novel itself: years of… Read More

Nearly there….

Nearly at Harrogate at remembering why I like this event so much. I’ve been every year since it started and the thing that always sticks out is what a close community crime-writers are. They really support each other and nkot being around their fans. I can’t think of another event… Read More

Dining with Stuart MacBride

Having dinner with the team and Stuart MacBride with his lovely wife Fiona. He is on the short list. I wonder if he is nervous? Don’t like to ask in case I make it worse! He is off to do an interview now, then off to the event…… Read More


MARK BILLINGHAM HAS WON!!!!!! Sad that our authors didn’t win but it was a well deserved winner as mark billingham is a fantastic author. We have just bumped into Caro Peacock, author of the Liberty Lane novels who is warming up for her event tomorrow. Off to the bar… Read More

Winner Mark Billingham in session

Great session this morning with Mark Billingham and Laura Wilson. Mark is a marvellous raconteur and a good choice to start the day. Mark has had a previous existence as an actor and comedian before embarkng on his writing career. DI Thorne is a billiant series Character and it was… Read More

McDermid's Tankard….

As promised here are some pics from last night, including the wonderful Val McDermid avec tankard!   Val’s Tankard, Reg Hill with his publicist Alice, Mark Mills with HC editors Sarah and Wayne and me with Caro Peacock (and wine!)…. Read More

Jurassic Park for the Lost Generation

This months sees Warren Fahy publish his debut novel Fragment, a thriller described as a ‘Jurassic Park ‘for the Lost generation’. From the man who coined the term ‘mullet’, we bring you his thoughts on whether or not ‘humanity’ was always going to exist, creating the ficticious new world of Henders… Read More

Harrogate Beckons….

Tonight sees the opening of the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. Part of the famous Harrogate International Festival. The festival attracts the cream of the crime writing world crop and this year is no exception. Over the weekend we will be updating you on all the goings on and… Read More


Jurassic Park meets Lost in this electrifying new adventure thriller Read an extract from Fragment Buy Fragment on Amazon Read More

Inside the mind of J.A. Kerley

J.A. Kerley has put a couple of blogs together exclusively for Killer Reads, we’re posting the first one today with an Q&A session and second blog due at the end of the week. Kerley’s first blog explores the current rubblings in the US around the appointment of Sonia Sotomayer to the… Read More