Camilla Läckberg – 6th biggest seller in Europe!

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It’s all about Camilla Läckberg!

The Killer Reads team are all rather excited to hear that our very own Camilla Läckberg, has come 6th in the chart of Europe’s bestselling authors of 2009. Steig Larsson heads up the list with Twilight author Stephanie Meyer in second place and Dan Brown in third.

The paperback of Camilla’s number 1 bestseller, The Preacher is available at the beginning of March. To find out why she is so successful you can read an extract of The Preacher here and watch a video of Camilla talking about her previous novel The Ice Princess.

3 thoughts on “Camilla Läckberg – 6th biggest seller in Europe!

  1. Absolute fan of Camilla. Have just read The Drowning and annoyed with the suspense ending.

    Page at the end said if I tuned into this webpage an extract from The Lost Boy could be read. So I thought that I could at least find out who was dead and who was alive.

    At this moment, I am livid!

    1. Hi Myrna,

      Very sorry to hear that you are livid! I think it’s the ending of The Drowning that really makes it, and the fact that you are now livid means you must care about the characters as much as I do! Don’t worry, The Lost Boy will be out before you know it…

      Did you find the extract on ? Perhaps it would make you feel better if you entered our competition to win a trip to Sweden at It’s under the competition tab :).

      Have a lovely sunny evening!

  2. Have just read “The Drowning” myself…needless to say was shocked with Patrick being taken to hospital and the car accident….. but surely Erika and Anna weren’t the only two women in a car on that road, that time,that day????

    Is the next one “The Lost Boy” or “The Lighthouse”??

    Thanks for your writing (am also thankful to your nanny!!)…have read them all so far and in the right order!!!

    Kind regards from Spain,

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