Lisa Brackman: On Ellie, the heroine of YEAR OF THE TIGER

Thanks so much for all your comments and tweets on Lisa’s interview – YEAR OF THE TIGER is out in paperback tomorrow – so to celebrate, here’s a second interview clip in which she talks about writing characters and especially focusses on Ellie, the heroine of her debut… Read More

On China: An interview with Year of the Tiger author Lisa Brackman

  Killer Reads Exclusive Alert!   An interview with the award-winning Lisa Brackman, author of YEAR OF THE TIGER: a game-changing new thriller set in modern China, in a world of underground artists, government conspiracies and paranoid revolutionaries. This is the first of four fascinating clips we’ll be bringing to… Read More

Sam Bourne on location

BRITAIN, 1940. A SON NEEDS HIS FATHER. A COUNTRY NEEDS A HERO. We are rather proud of our lovely Sam Bourne widget! Click to hear Sam Bourne talking about the inspiration behind his explosive new thriller, Pantheon, then read an extract to see what all the fuss is about!… Read More

Lock the door and put the light on. The KR team's most haunting books…

Which book has haunted you the most? Read on to find out what keeps The Killer Reads team up at night... The Terror of Living by Urban Waite Oh yes, the title says it all. Of course I expected to be scared by this one, and - praise be! - I wasn't disappointed. The thing is, it starts off so quietly. It's all very modern-day Western; Phil Hunt dons his Stetson, saddles his horse and heads off into the North American mountains to pick up a very special delivery. There's beautiful scenery, a nice travelling companion, and time spent just enjoying the good old open road. But of course, this is a drug run and the package at the other end contains $100K worth of cocaine. Perhaps he was too busy admiring the view, but Hunt is soon busted by an off-duty cop. As he makes his escape, the traffickers set out to reclaim what's theirs, and believe you me, this - this - is the scary bit. Read More

Is the serial killer now a cliché? Rhian Davies investigates…

I first said it in 2007: I am all serial killered out.  There's only so much you can do with this type of criminal in crime fiction it's all too easy to fall into cliché territory.  However, before I continue, I should add that I have read novels in the last year that have involved a serial killer and they've been good ones - because they avoided the cliché.  One concentrated on the impact on the lives of those who suffered loss at the hands of the evil and manipulative killer; the other looked at the role the internet and digital communication can play in spreading news and misleading information, including the cult of celebrity as applied to a serial killer. Read More

Under the skin of Danielle Ramsay

Danielle Ramsay is a debut author for HarperCollins, and her dark, gritty north-eastern crime will get your heart racing and your blood pumping. Her first book to hit the shelves is Broken Silence which begins when the mutilated remains of a teenage girl are found in the seaside resort of Whitley Bay. All fingers point to one of three men in her life who should have done everything to protect her - her step-father, her teacher and a police detective. But which one of them is responsible for such a horrific act of murder? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out, but first, let's get under the skin of things in a different way as Danielle discusses her motivations for crime writing. Read More