Author Interview | Claire Kendal on I Spy

I Spy cleverly mixes elements of the psychological thriller with elements of the spy novel. What made you want to join those two genres together, and how difficult was it? The novel’s shout line is You don’t see me, but I see you. I think this really plays… Read More

Q&A with John A Lenahan, author of Ice Lake

–     Lying and telling the truth are significant themes in this novel. What made you focus on these and what inspired you to create your central protagonist, Harry Cull, the professional lie-detector? I read an interesting article on how to beat lie detector machines by a man who thinks… Read More

Q&A with Kate Medina

1. Summarise Scared to Death in once sentence: Everyone is afraid, but some fears can kill you.   2. How long did it take you to write? Scared to Death took me a year to write.  I begin by spending a lot of time just thinking: developing the… Read More

Killer Reads Q&A – Marnie Riches

  What drew you to the world of crime fiction? Even as a child, I loved a good thriller – sneaking a peek at my mother’s Harold Robbins books and her dog-eared copy of Peter Benchley’s Jaws, long before they would be deemed appropriate for a young reader, by… Read More

Q&A with Kate Horsley, author of THE AMERICAN GIRL

What drew you to the world of crime fiction? I’ve been obsessed with things that go bump in the night since I can remember. I grew up a house that was rumoured to be haunted by a woman who’d lived there. The bedroom she died in was known as… Read More

Author Q&A with Michael Wood

What drew you to the world of crime? I’ve always been a big fan of crime fiction novels ever since I moved on to adult fiction at a young age. As a journalist I have covered many court cases which I find absolutely fascinating. There are many angles… Read More

Q&A with THE BAD THINGS author Mary-Jane Riley

What drew you to the world of crime? Great crime writing! It’s full of wonderful, twisty plots and characters – and I also like seeing how ordinary people react in extraordinary situations. Also, I have written many news stories about criminal acts and, believe me, some of them are… Read More

KillerReads Author Q&A with John Burley

  What drew you to the world of psychological thrillers? I’m drawn to novels that provide a visceral experience for the reader. They should be thoughtful, intelligent, and multi-layered, but on some level they should also feel like a gut punch. Psychological thrillers do that. They mess with your… Read More

Q&A with author Marnie Riches

What drew you to the world of crime thrillers? There really is nothing better, especially when you’re on holiday and can lose yourself in a fast-paced plot, than a good crime thriller. When The Silence of the Lambs became huge in the early 90s, I was so taken by the… Read More