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Attention Killer Readers,

Ever wanted to have your say on some brand spanking new fiction, but not yet had the chance? Do you blog or tweet and want to reach even more people? I’ll stop beating around the bush. What I’m trying to say is, would you like to become a reviewer for Killer Reads?

And if you’re new to all this, never fear! We’re looking for a spread of voices and opinions on our proofs and novels to help other fans of the genre find their next killer read.


We’ve got a choice of two shiny new books for you. All you need to do is email with which one you’d like to review and why, anytime before the end of March 2011.

If you write the review by May 1st 2011 we’ll publish it on the site for everyone to read – and – the best reviewer will also win a bumper bag of crime & thriller books!

Now that’s what I call running out of things to say at the end an article. The blurbs are below – I’m looking forward to hearing from you…


Don’t Look Back by Laura Lippman

‘I love her books’ Harlan Coben

‘One of the best novelists writing today’ Tess Gerritsen

‘As exquisite as fine jewellery’ Lee Child

Tucked away in a leafy suburb of Washington, Eliza Benedict cherishes her quiet family life. But her world is shattered when her terrifying past comes back to haunt her.

As a naïve fifteen-year-old girl, Eliza was abducted by serial killer Walter Bowman, who targeted young girls in a sexually motivated killing spree. Now on death row, Walter wants to atone for his sins.

Reluctantly, Eliza lets Walter back into her life – first by letter, then in person. But Walter is never more dangerous than when he can’t get what he wants – and he wants something badly. As Walter’s malign power takes hold, Eliza must do everything she can to stop history repeating itself as the battle of predator and prey plays out once more…

Rebellion by James McGee

‘Terrific period atmosphere and action’ The Times

October 1812. Napoleon and his Grand Army are at the gates of Moscow, but the deadly Russian winter closes in fast.

Back in France, food supplies are dangerously low, the country is on the brink of bankruptcy and Bonaparte’s senior generals are growing weary of the fight.

In London, ex-soldier Matthew Hawkwood is assigned to a shadowy Home Office department. He is volatile, with a chequered past, but his superiors believe he is perfect for a crucial mission.

For the British have an undercover agent in Paris, with a daring proposal that requires Hawkwood’s expertise. If the plan succeeds, it could lead to a negotiated peace between old and bitter enemies.

Failure would mean prison, torture and a meeting with the guillotine…

7 thoughts on “Competition: Have We Got Reviews For You

  1. Hi Killer Read editors

    I would love to have a try at reviewing Rebellion by James McGee.

    When I joined the Authonomy site I started reviewing books and found I was somehow in the top twenty of their reviewers. Trouble was it stopped my own attempts to write myself so now I am no 3000+ in their reviewers table.

    Having dipped into many of the crime/thriller books on the site I fear that most of the authors are in as much trouble as I am. I like the historical section which seems much stronger. Though C S Forrester has much to answer for.

    Recently I have been dipping into the fantasy authors who are reassuringly nutty. They have terrible trouble with names. Who can keep a straight face when baddies have names like: Lord Snivel, Grubber, Scmug and Scmoogle?

    As a child watching Noggin the Nog on the (black and white TV) I always wondered what Nogbad the Bad’s parents can have been thinking about at his christening.


    1. Hi Vincent,

      We really believe in the books that we publish and we are happy to acknowledge all the reviews that we are sent, whether they are positive or negative. One book may really appeal to some people and not at all to others, this is to be expected. By giving you a choice of two books we hope that we are giving you a chance to pick something that you are more likely to enjoy reading – we’re not looking for it to be a painful experience!

      I hope that answers your queries.

      Best wishes,


  2. I would love to read proofs for yourselves I love books of most genres but especially crime and thrillers.
    I would like the proof of Dont Look Back by Laura Lippman.

  3. Hi, I would love to read & give feed back on ‘Laura Lippman’s’ book, this is just up my street. I love trying to work the story out before you get more info. I have never done anything like this & would love to be involved. Pauline

  4. Hello

    I have not written a book review since the one I wrote for my school magazine (too many years ago to think about) on “Five Go To Kirin Island” or something with a similar title by Enid Blyton. So to write a review of “Rebellion” would make a great challenge.

  5. I would love to read James McGee and write a review for you. I am very interested in the Napoleon period but there are very few novels set in this era, which is disappointing. To find one that is, with the added bonus of mystery, intrigue and a good old British spy, has made my day and I can’t wait to read it.

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