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Danielle Ramsay is a proud Scot living in a small seaside town in the North-East of England. Always a storyteller, it was only after initially following an academic career lecturing in literature that she found her place in life and began to write creatively full-time. After much hard graft her work was short-listed for the CWA Debut Dagger in 2009. Always on the go, always passionate in what she is doing, Danielle fills her days with horse-riding, running and murder by proxy.

Her debut novel Broken Silence is publishing in October 2010.

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Who killed Sophie Washington?

Early one cold November morning in the run-down seaside resort of Whitley Bay, the body of a young girl is discovered. Found abandoned five minutes walk from her home, her face has been mutilated beyond recognition. DI Jack Brady, just back on active duty after recovering from a vicious shooting incident, is on the edge.

Struggling to deal with his marriage break-up and his tortured past, his problems intensify when long-standing friend and colleague DI James Matthews confidentially reveals that he was with the victim the night of her murder. Brady’s loyal deputy, the clean-cut, Detective Sergeant Harry Conrad and the attractive and highly-respected police psychologist, Dr Amelia Jenkins are assigned with Brady to solve the victim’s murder. But the investigation becomes increasingly compromised as Brady realises that Matthews is holding something back from him that could be vital to the case. As Brady delves ever deeper into Sophie’s life, he comes to realise that the three men who should have protected her during her short life are the chief suspects in her murder: her teacher, her step-father and a police detective. Brady finds himself unravelling a metaphorical thread that eventually makes him re-evaluate not only the seemingly blameless life of the victim, but more disturbingly, Matthews’s motivation and ultimately his own.

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  1. This is a book I read through to the end, although I didn’t find it particularly gripping near the beginning. But full marks for a very surprising ending, and plenty of twists in the plot.
    Slight grammatical faults, such as commas in the wrong places, were a little irritating, as were such phrases as ‘he was sat’ instead of ‘he was sitting’. But perhaps I’m too pedantic.
    I didn’t see it as a great literary work, but the story was well planned and it was good that the main character, Jack Brady, was far (very far) from perfect, as are we all: it makes the story more authentic.

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