Faye Kellerman on her stunning new novel, Hangman

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hangman2Once again, Hangman is in the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus series, the 19th novel with them I believe. In it, Decker is dealing with some very grisly murders that culminate into some very shocking discoveries…

The call comes in – a ghastly murder centered around a young woman hanging from the rafters of an unfinished house. He assigns his able detectives Marge Dunn and Scott Oliver to a murder scene – a homicide concocted from a depraved and warped mind. The woman, Adrianna Blanc was a nurse and although she was a caring and competent woman, she had her wild side which unfortunately put her into contact with some dangerous party hearty individuals. It is a story of the complexity of human nature as well as the dark side that lurks within us all.

I also had a wonderful time writing the book because it gave me a chance to visit past characters – namely Christopher Donatti, Terry MacLaughlin and now their son, Gabriel Whitman. Three characters with three separate last names and that is indicative of how different these people are from one another. All of them have run in and out of Peter Decker’s life. And now it seems that they have made more than a temporary inroads to disrupt the Lieutenant’s peace of mind.

I hope you enjoy the book and have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

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