Homeland: Episode one

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Last night episode one of the new season of Homeland aired, a show which has so many fans in house, we could not wait to see how the season would start! Laura Deacon, Blue Door editor, throws in her two cents about what happened next after the explosive (literally) end to season two.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the third series of Homeland. For me, the second series was full of annoying coincidences and plot loopholes (though the ending was astounding!)

The first episode for me really was about establishing Saul and Carrie for the rest of the series though I was a little annoyed by how much airtime Dana seemed to receive (cue new boyfriend, bedroom overhaul and the same old annoyances!)

Throughout the episode Saul seemed unsure of his director status – to strike or not to strike? As he said, “we’re spies, we don’t kill if we don’t have to.” There were two key turning points for Saul: making the decision to kill all six enemies on the CIA hitlist and admitting the truth about Carrie to the investigative board. The shocking part was the out and out lie that he knew nothing of Carrie’s relationship with Brody but then, Saul is doing whatever he can to protect the CIA. From the outset, Carrie was manic: off the lithium and self-medicating with running and meditation, she has seemingly returned to the mania that we experienced when we saw the Abu Nazir wall as well as a trait that I usually associate with women in Scandi dramas – picking up random men and taking them home. My prediction is that she will go it alone in a bid to uphold Brody’s innocence and find the men responsible for the CIA bombing. I’m looking forward to next week already!

Homeland: Carrie’s Run, a prequel novel, is out now and already getting some fantastic five star reviews on Amazon! If you’re a fan of the show, make sure you pick up a copy now.

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