January's Review Title: The Scent of Death

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the scent of deathFrom the No. 1 bestselling author of The American Boy comes a brilliant new historical thriller set during the American War of Independence.

Manhattan, 1778. A city of secrets, profiteers, loyalists and double agents.

As the last part of America under British rule, New York is home to a swelling tide of refugees seeking justice from the British crown.

Edward Savill is sent from London to investigate the claims of dispossessed loyalists. No sooner does he land than he becomes embroiled in the case of a gentleman murdered in the city’s notorious Canvas Town. An escaped slave hangs for the crime, but Savill is convinced they have executed the wrong man.

Lodging with the respected Wintour family, Savill senses the mystery deepening. Judge Wintour’s beautiful daughter-in-law, Arabella, hides a tragedy in her past, while his son plans a dangerous mission into enemy territory. And what of Mr Noak, the enigmatic clerk seemingly bent on a dubious course of his own?

One thing is clear – the killing in Canvas Town was just the start of a trail of murder, and it’s leading directly to Savill…


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4 thoughts on “January's Review Title: The Scent of Death

  1. This book sounds absolutely enthralling. I love historical fiction and also good thrillers. I have never read anything by this author but enjoy historical thrillers by C.D.Sansome. I would love to review it.

  2. As an avid reader of crime fiction I would love the chance to review Andrew Tatlor’s latest offering.

    Other than being a reader I also facilitate a reading group for a local library-connected writers’ club.

  3. 2 things:
    1) I can’t find any way on your site to buy this book, nor can I find anywhere on your site to type in the name of any book I’d like to buy.
    2) What are you asking for with this book? Are you offering a free copy to potential reviewers?

    1. Hi Ann,

      We don’t sell books through our site – but here’s a link to buy it online if you’d like to: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Scent-Death-Andrew-Taylor/dp/0007213514/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360927312&sr=8-1

      We are offering people the chance to put themselves forward as potential reviewers. We have a review panel and we have two spots for guest reviewers, so two people who write to us and say they’d like to review this will be given that opportunity and will have their reviews published on the site.

      There are more details here: https://s23783.p595.sites.pressdns.com/reviews/welcome-to-our-review-panel/

      Very sorry for any confusion at all. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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