Lisa Brackman: On Ellie, the heroine of YEAR OF THE TIGER

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Thanks so much for all your comments and tweets on Lisa’s interview – YEAR OF THE TIGER is out in paperback tomorrow – so to celebrate, here’s a second interview clip in which she talks about writing characters and especially focusses on Ellie, the heroine of her debut thriller set in China.


As always, enjoy! 


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3 thoughts on “Lisa Brackman: On Ellie, the heroine of YEAR OF THE TIGER

  1. Having come from a military family–father and uncles and a couple of second cousins–I thought you did an excellent job with Ellie. She’s shell shocked by what she’s experienced-a bit lost. Many are when they finish their tour. I love how you allow her to find her way. Remember her strengths and use them.

    I also remember how many serving in the National Guard were so shocked to be called in to actually serve in war. They were weekend heroes, from all sorts of backgrounds, playing war games for the money and never thinking they’d have to use them. I recall hearing several women say, but I’m not supposed to go to war. That’s not what I signed up for. I signed up for the money and the benefits.

    I think for them, it was very hard to decompress and adapt and pick up the threads of civilian life again. Much like Elle.


    1. Might be the time difference across the pond? YEAR OF THE TIGER is out today in paperback in the UK – enjoy, everyone!

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