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To celebrate the fact that life-changing novel, The Dice Man, will be released in e-book for the first time ever on 26th July, our friends at Harper Collins Fiction  will be living by the dice for three weeks.

The price of the e-book will be set by the roll of a dice, but it doesn’t stop there.

Each week they will be accepting a challenge from you. Attached to each dice roll will be a name and a dare. This person will then roll a dice to discover their fate. This will be filmed – just to ensure fair play, of course – and broadcast via YouTube and social media.

You can follow the action on Twitter using #diceman, and get involved by sending in your suggestions to @harperfiction for tasks.

The first roll goes live 13th July. So far they have secured a giant dice costume and are working out what they can do within the boundaries of health and safety.

Want to set them a dare? Tweet them @harperfiction using hashtag #diceman.

Have you seen this die?

How the prices will be set: 1 – £0.99, 2 – £1.99, 3 – £2.49, 4 – £2.99, 5 – £3.49 and 6 – £3.99.

2 thoughts on “Living by the Dice

  1. Place twelve fairy cakes on a large pizza (which doubles as a plate.)

    Roll the die.

    If you roll an even number (except for a 6), the team member must eat as many fairy cakes in a minute as possible.

    If you roll an odd number, the team member must eat the cakes AND the pizza plate in the allotted time.

    If you roll a 6, the team member must feed the cakes to other team members whilst eating the pizza himself/herself.

    Good luck… and roll that die!

  2. Not so much risky as funny but assign an item of clothing to a number on the dice. Roll the dice. Whatever the number lands on, that person has to turn that item of clothing inside out and wear it like that for the rest of the day (if less than 6 items of clothing are worn – which is hard to imagine this summer – assign odd numbers to outer garments, even numbers to underclothes!)

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