Opening day for submissions is HERE!

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It’s finally here! Today is the day the open submission for our new digital first publishing imprint opens! Here at Killer Reads we’re very excited to find out what’s going to land in our inbox between now and 14th September when the submission period ends.

In the meantime, here are a few dos and don’ts to help you navigate the submissions process.

  1. DO read the small print. The entry rules and FAQs contain essential information that will ensure your submission is valid and will be read by an editor.
  2. DON’T send a first draft that you have just dashed off in the last couple of weeks since you heard about the call-out. We are expecting a lot of submissions, and will only be selecting the absolute cream of the crop.
  3. DO continue to work on and polish your novel – it’s very likely that we will be doing another call-out in a few months. The exact timing will be determined by how many titles we take on this time around.
  4. DON’T send a romance novel that ‘sort of has a thriller element’. We are looking specifically for novels in the crime and thriller genres. However, if you ARE a budding romance novelist, DO visit our friends at HarperImpulse and see what they are up to.
  5. DO read the excellent advice penned by our fabulous Kate Stephenson.

Good luck everyone!

One thought on “Opening day for submissions is HERE!

  1. Shame the great submission doesn’t allow for crime short story collections as I have completed a murder one and looking at the ebook publishing avenue – unless?

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