A Haunting in the Arctic

By C.J. Cooke

Something has walked the floors of the Ormen for almost a century.

Something that craves revenge…

1901. Dundee, Scotland. Nicky wakes on board The Ormen, a whaling ship, attacked and dragged there, held against her will. With land still weeks away, it’s just her, the freezing ocean, and the crew – and they’re all owed something only she can give them.

Now. Skúmaskot, Iceland. The Ormen has been drifting across the oceans for decades, its crew inexplicably vanished, it’s stories still unknown.

But urban explorer Dominique has battled to reach Skúmaskot, an old shark fishing village on the northern tip of Iceland, just twenty miles from the Arctic Circle. A place where no one has lived for over forty years. And the resting place of The Ormen.

She thought it was deserted. But something is there with her. And it’s seeking revenge…

Praise for C.J. Cooke

‘This ghost story is a perfect mix of propulsive plot and shivers-up-the-spine spookinessGood Housekeeping

‘An original and haunting thriller, filled with secrets, ghosts, and Norse folk tales. The Nesting is an evocative and chilling tale that will keep you guessing, and is best read with the lights on’ Alice Feeney

‘It’s been such a tonic – chilling, totally engrossing and full of intrigue. The pages just whizzed by while I ignored everyone! It’s marvellous’ Katherine May

‘Like a lighthouse roving atmospheric waters, its secrets are revealed glimpse by tantalising glimpse’ Cari Thomas

‘Norwegian Fjords and folktales are beautifully evoked in this vivid and compelling novel’ Rosamund Lupton

Gothic and suspensefulWoman and Home

‘The story is peppered with well-researched folklore and startling tenderness…a winnerThe Daily Mail

‘Nordic folklore, snowy landscapes, and an ever-turning screw of tension – a fun, gothic treat’ Kirsty Logan