An Order Of Protection (Mills & Boon Vintage Intrigue): First edition

By Kathleen Creighton

When You’re In Trouble, Find A Policeman –Starr family motto

While Joy Lynn Starr had plenty of the former–her roommate was missing, and she couldn’t get anyone to believe her–the latter was in short supply. Until she happened on Scott Cavanaugh, her brother’s irresistible business partner, and a cop. Perhaps he could calm her down about Yancy’s whereabouts. But who was going to calm her down about him?

Though he had his doubts about her story, Scott couldn’t help but rise to the bait of Joy Lynn’s damsel-in-distress routine. Soon he found himself a believer–in Joy Lynn’s version of events that fateful night, in her magnetic Southern charm, and in the possibility of their having a future–together….