Mindbenders - Bridal Jeopardy: Bridal Jeopardy / The Prosecutor (Mindbenders, Book 3): First edition

By Rebecca York and Adrienne Giordano

Bridal Jeopardy

PI Craig Branson is in New Orleans to track down a killer…not to have a fling. Still, he’ll risk everything to rescue gorgeous Stephanie Swift from her possessive fiancé. Taking her on the run, Craig faces danger from two relentless pursuers – one who would expose the secret of their bond…and one who would keep them apart forever.
The Prosecutor

Assistant State Attorney Zac Hennings needs to keep a convicted murderer behind bars. But he’s up against his most formidable – and alluring – adversary, law student Emma Sinclair, who’s fighting to free her brother. But when evidence surfaces that the real killer is still out there, Zac vows to bring the murderer to
justice – or die trying.