Chain Of Custody / Badlands Beware: Chain of Custody (Holding the Line) / Badlands Beware (A Badlands Cops Novel) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By Carol Ericson and Nicole Helm

Chain of Custody
by Carol Ericson

With a baby suddenly in his care,
He’ll need all the help he can get.

When Nash Dillon’s finds a baby on his doorstep, Emily Lang, an undercover investigator posing as a nanny, comes to his rescue. But once he discovers why Emily is really there–and that both her and the baby’s life are in danger–he must use every skill in his arsenal to keep them out of harm’s way.

Badlands Beware
by Nicole Helm

The truth might hurt them both.

When Detective Tucker Wyatt is sent to protect Rachel Knight from her father’s enemies, neither of them realises exactly how much danger she’s in. But as she starts making connections between her father’s past and a current disappearance, she and Tucker will do whatever it takes to solve the case, even if it means putting their lives at risk.