Courting Trouble

By Lisa Scottoline

From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, a new novel featuring the all-female ass-kicking wise-cracking Philadelphia law firm Rosato and Associates

Philadelphia during Fourth of July weekend is no place for a young lawyer preparing to defend the case of a lifetime. Handing her house-keys to a cat sitter and fleeing to a quiet beach house, Anne Murphy thinks she’s found the perfect way to escape the mayhem. That is until she sees her photograph on the front page of the morning newspaper under a headline proclaiming that she’s been brutally murdered.

Suddenly Anne is plunged into a nightmare scenario. While the rest of the city celebrates Independence Day, she must fight to be free of the stalker who has evaded the police to pursue her all the way from California. But she’s about to discover that her new colleagues at the all-female law firm Rosato & Associates are women of hidden talents – not all of them strictly legal.