Personal Protection: Personal Protection / The Colton Sheriff (The Coltons of Roaring Springs) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By Julie Miller and Addison Fox

Personal Protection

by Julie Miller

This undercover mission was clear…

until one life-altering moment changed everything.

When Ivan Mostek’s visit to Kansas City enrages his fiercest enemies, the only way to keep him safe is for Carly Valentine to pretend to be his girlfriend. Suddenly, the experienced cop is faced with a mission like none she has ever trained for. One in which fake feelings could turn into something all too real.

The Colton Sheriff

by Addison Fox

How does a small-town sheriff track a serial killer?

With the help of his fake fianceé!

Running for reelection, Sheriff Trey Colton needs a bride-to-be by his side. Who better than his best friend, psychologist Aisha Allen? But a serial killer is terrorising their town—and targets Trey. The fight for survival reveals the truth for these “pretend” lovers: that love is precious…but death is only a heartbeat away.