The Line Of Duty / Marine Protector: The Line of Duty (Blackhawk Security) / Marine Protector (Fortress Defense) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By Nichole Severn and Julie Anne Lindsey

The Line of Duty
by Nichole Severn

They must rely on each other to survive.

When Vincent Kalani’s plane crashes into the Alaskan mountains, by-the-book police officer Shea Ramsey becomes his unlikely partner in survival. Shea was headed to New York to fight for custody of her son, but now she’s fighting for her life with an ex-cop who’s equal parts inscrutable and unpredictable. 

Marine Protector
by Julie Anne Lindsey

Can he protect her from a serial killer?

Pursued by a madman, single mum Lyndy Wells and her infant son become bodyguard Cade Lance’s priority assignment. When Lyndy suggests the former Marine pose as her boyfriend to draw out the predator, they are met with a near lethal response… and unexpected chemistry!