Sanctus author eyes world domination…

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sanctus-front-coverWhen Alice Saunders at LAW sent us the script for Sanctus, a debut thriller by Simon Toyne, we knew that we had something special in our hroxy-toyne1ands. Set largely in the fictional city of Ruin, southern Turkey, Sanctus is an apocalyptic conspiracy thriller like no other.

It opens with a lone escapee climbing to the summit of the citadel that lies at the heart of Ruin. There, in the glare of the world’s media, he stands silently in the shape of a ‘T’ before throwing himself to his death. Hidden on his body are clues to a mystery that will blow apart the certainties of the modern world.

A few months on, it’s clear that publishers around the world agree. This charming map has been coloured in by Simon’s daughter Roxy and is a perfect illustration of how Sanctus fever has swept the globe.


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