Torn Books and Other Secrets by Alexandra Burt

With all the bookstores, Kindles, and wireless downloads, it’s almost impossible to imagine books were hard to come by in the small town in Germany where I grew up. I devoured them all; the hardcovers with their pages stuck together, the bent paperbacks covered in dust, most… Read More

A certain kind of story #killerfest15

As a crime fiction writer I believe that the appeal of the genre lies in the fact that there is something out there for everyone; thriller, suspense, or mystery. From detective fiction and legal thrillers to courtroom dramas and hard-boiled noir, you get to pick and choose… Read More

Q&A with author Alexandra Burt #killerfest15

Your name: Alexandra Burt Tell us about yourself: I was born in Germany but moved to Texas over twenty years ago. While pursuing literary translations, I decided to tell my own stories. I live in Texas with my husband, my daughter, and my two Labradors. Tell us about your latest book: Remember… Read More