Lock the door and put the light on. The KR team's most haunting books…

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tales_of_horror_01Which book has haunted you the most? Read on to find out what keeps The Killer Reads team up at night…

The Terror of Living by Urban Waite

Oh yes, the title says it all. Of course I expected to be scared by this one, and – praise be! – I wasn’t disappointed.

The thing is, it starts off so quietly. It’s all very modern-day Western; Phil Hunt dons his Stetson, saddles his horse and heads off into the North American mountains to pick up a very special delivery. There’s beautiful scenery, a nice travelling companion, and time spent just enjoying the good old open road. But of course, this is a drug run and the package at the other end contains $100K worth of cocaine.

Perhaps he was too busy admiring the view, but Hunt is soon busted by an off-duty cop. As he makes his escape, the traffickers set out to reclaim what’s theirs, and believe you me, this – this – is the scary bit.

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