Happy Publication Day to Jack Higgins and Catherine Hunt!

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It’s publication Thursday here at Killer Reads HQ. We’re celebrating the publication of two very different but equally fabulous books out today.

094300-FC50The legendary Jack Higgins is at it again with his latest installment of his bestselling Sean Dillon series. Whether you are a longtime fan or looking for a longstanding series to dive into, Rain on the Dead brings us a mesmerizing new thriller of murder, terrorism and revenge.

It begins with the attempted assassination of the ex-President of the United States.

Only the presence of Sean Dillon and the fellow members of the ‘Prime Minister’s Private Army’ prevents it becoming a bloodbath. Soon they are on the trail of the perpetrators, confident they will catch them.

What Dillon and his team don’t realize is that they have just sprung a trap that will lead them to almost certain death.

There is a new Master pulling the strings for al Qaeda in London, and this time he’s going to make sure the hated enemy is destroyed once and for all.

A storm is coming for Sean Dillon…

In addition to Rain on the Dead coming out in hardback in the UK, new paperbacks of Sean Dillon’s previous missions are now out today as well. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh books in the series have striking new covers–perhaps something to consider for those looking to get their Father’s Day shopping in early!

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The second title out today is Catherine Hunt’s highly anticipated debut thriller Someone Out There. The Goodreads giveaway alone has seen over 850 entries. Someone Out There tells a story of obsession, revenge and deceit of a woman caught up in terrifying circumstances. If you loved The Girl on the Train and C.L. Taylor’s The Lie, this book will be right up your alley.

107048-FC50Laura Maxwell appears to have it all – perfect career, perfect husband, perfect life. But how well do you really know the people around you? All it takes is one tiny crack to shatter the whole façade.

A series of accidents causes Laura to believe that someone out there is deliberately targeting her, trying to harm her. The fear starts to pervade every part of her life, affecting her work and her marriage. Increasingly, she feels that no one believes her story, and she must face down her attacker alone.

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive some fantastic guest blog posts from the author herself over the past couple of weeks. Be sure to catch our Q&A with Catherine Hunt as well as which two incidents sparked the idea for Someone Out There.

You can read the first chapter of the harrowing thriller here on the author’s website. If you’re ready for chapters two and three, read on below!

And for the latest from Catherine Hunt, you can follow her on Twitter @CHWrites, Like her on Facebook, and visit her website catherinehunt.com.

Desmond Bagley

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Desmond Bagley was one of a group of writers including Alistair MacLean and Jack Higgins who contributed greatly to the modern concept of action thrillers.

With a career which encompassed many things form mining to journalism, Bagley became a full time writer after his first novel The Golden Keel became a bestseller. He went on to write 16 thrillers, most of them  Top 10 bestsellers and he established a trademark style which featured ordinary men pitted against again villains with intent on causing global chaos. Bagley died relatively young at fifty nine, and his books have remained in print ever since. His writing continues to influence new writers in the genre.

Read an extract from The Snow Tiger

This November sees HarperCollins published a further selection of classic titles from Bagley’s back catalogue as ‘2 in 1; double action thrillers’. The titles available include:

High Citadel AND Landslide – Buy now from Amazon

Flyaway AND Windfall – Buy now from Amazon

The Spoilers AND Juggernaut – Buy now from Amazon

Wyatt’s Hurricane AND Bahama Crisis – Buy now from Amazon

October Newsletter Round Up

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For those of you not signed up for the Killer Reads newsletter – all you need to do is go to Win and enter the your details to receive our montly catch-up and you might also be lucky enough to win the selection of top titles we’re currently giving away.

So if you missed October’s update here’s a quick round-up….

Jilliane Hoffman – we have an exclusive extract of her eagerly awaited 4th novel the truly chilling Pretty Little Things due for publication in Feb 2010. Read it here.

Jack Higgins – Legendary thriller writer Higgins is back with two brand new Sean Dillon titles. Read extracts of both books here.

Faye Kellerman – Returns with another title to add to the Peter Decker series. Read an extract here.

Ngaio Marsh – We celebrate one of the Queens of the Golden Age of Crime Writing and let you take a look inside her latest collection of stories.

Terry Goodkind Read about his for foray into the world of thrillers

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