Sheena Lambert dives below the surface of THE LAKE — out today!

Happy Publication Day to Sheena Lambert! Her first Killer Reads imprint novel, The Lake, is out today in eBook format. We have the privilege of sharing an exclusive blog post from Sheena in celebration of its release. Continue reading to learn more from the author on the namesake behind this far-from-placid Irish… Read More

Q&A with S. Williams, author of TUESDAY FALLING

What drew you to the world of crime? Watching James Bond as a child.  Then Get Carter. Then reading Chandler. James Lee Burke. Rupert Thomson. Working in Soho and swimming in the fabulous gutteratti that butters the place. What author (besides yourself) do you think that everyone should… Read More

Preview: TUESDAY FALLING by S. Williams

Sometimes, I like to just sit on the tube, travelling from station to station. The station, then the tunnel, then the station. Over and over. The white. The black. I never look directly at anyone; I always look at them in the windows. Read More

COVER REVEAL: THE LAKE by Sheena Lambert.

Today we unveil the gorgeous cover of Sheena Lambert’s The Lake, a soon to be released title from our new Killer Reads imprint. September 1975. A body is discovered in the receding waters of a manmade lake, and for Peggy Casey, 23-year-old landlady… Read More

Q&A with author Chris Curran.

Chris Curran, author of MINDSIGHT, chats to Killer Reads… What drew you to the world of crime? I’ve always loved stories and story is what counts in crime novels. They deal with the big questions: life and death, good and evil – and who isn’t interested in those… Read More