Q&A with author Mark Sennen @MarkSennen #killerfest15

Your name: Mark Sennen Tell us about yourself: Originally a programmer by profession but not choice. Decided to ‘finish that novel’ during recession when work was scarce. Now write almost full time (need to do a little programming to supplement meagre author income!). Married with two daughters. Live in the middle… Read More

Mainlander #killerfest15

I seem to have written a thriller by accident. I started writing a book about a teacher from the Mainland stewing over the state of his marriage while sitting on a headland back on the island of Jersey where I grew up. I had him bump into a pupil near… Read More

Festival profile: Bloody Scotland

Bloody Scotland is Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival and takes place each September in the historic Old Town of Stirling. Scottish crime writing is regarded as some of the best in… Read More

Introducing Black Run #killerfest15

Norway had Harry Hole, Scotland had Rebus, Sweden had Wallander, Belgium had Poirot, and Italy…has Rocco Schiavone Black Run: For your Euro crime fiction fix The dark flanks of the Alps tower over everything. Wind whistles through… Read More

Blog profile: Miss Chapter’s Reviews @georginatranter #KillerFest15

Your name   Georgina Tranter Your blog’s name  Miss Chapter’s Reviews Blog’s URL Which types of books do you review?  Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books What do you like about crime fiction?  Grippy, page turning books that you can’t put down and especially when you think you know whodunnit and… Read More

Blog profile: The House of Crime and Mystery @housecrimystery #KillerFest15

Your name:  Jacques Filippi Your blog’s name: The House of Crime and Mystery Blog’s URL: Which types of books do you review: crime fiction, mystery, thrillers, also biographies and other non-fiction titles What do you like about crime fiction: The best crime fiction will pull me into a world… Read More

Blog profile: A Crime Readers Blog @vistaspa #KillerFest15

Your name Candi Colbourn Your blog’s name Acrimereadersblog Blog’s URL Which types of books do you review? Any type of crime although mainly more modern day rather than historical What do you like about crime fiction? I love the fact it is accessible to anyone, there are no… Read More

Blog profile: The Welsh Librarian @welshlibrarian #KillerFest15

Your name: Vicky-Leigh Sayer Your blog’s name: The Welsh Librarian Blog’s URL: Which types of books do you review? A wide variety, mainly crime and psychological thrillers, but also historical, women’s and contemporary fiction. What do you like about crime fiction? It’s ability to transport you into a… Read More

Q&A with author William Shaw @william1shaw #killerfest15

Your name: William Shaw Tell us about yourself: I write crime books based on recent history. As a younger man, I used to write deeply immersive non-fiction books, often about quite bad people. Now I sit at home with my wife and kids and make things up. Tell us about your… Read More