Q&A with author Emma Kavanagh @EmmaLK #killerfest15

Your name: Emma Kavanagh  Tell us about yourself: I have a PhD in psychology, am a police & military psychologist turned author, and am now kept entertained as the mother of two small boys (aged 3 and 6 months). Tell us about your latest book: Hidden is published on… Read More

Q&A with author Alexandra Burt #killerfest15

Your name: Alexandra Burt Tell us about yourself: I was born in Germany but moved to Texas over twenty years ago. While pursuing literary translations, I decided to tell my own stories. I live in Texas with my husband, my daughter, and my two Labradors. Tell us about your latest book: Remember… Read More

Q&A with author Paul Finch @paulfinchauthor #killerfest15

Your name: Paul Finch Tell us about yourself: I’m a former police officer and journalist, who turned to writing in the early 1990s, initially script-writing; my professional credits include THE BILL and DR WHO. But I moved into novel-writing in the mid-2000s, initially with a couple of horror novels, but finally returning… Read More

Q&A with author Neil Broadfoot @NlBro #killerfest15

Your name: Neil Broadfoot Tell us about yourself: I’m a journalist and spent 15 years working in the Scottish media industry, with stints on local and national newspapers. I’ve since moved to the other side of the fence, and work on communications with a variety of public and private clients, including the… Read More

Q&A with author Jax Miller @jaxmillerauthor #killerfest15

Your name: Jax Miller Tell us about yourself: I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I usually do it in binges. Tell us about your latest book: Freedom’s Child is about Freedom Oliver, a woman in the Witness Protection Program who gets into too much trouble. She watches the children she put… Read More

The Road to Freedom #killerfest15

I started dabbling in writing in my early twenties in some counsellor’s office in the States as per his suggestion. I suspect he thought it would be an outlet for me, an alternative to having to hear me rant and rave with a million F-bombs. He was my only audience… Read More

Blog profile: @CrimeBookClub #KillerFest15

Your name – Lou Your blog’s name – Crime Book Club Blog’s URL – Which types of books do you review? – I review all kinds of crime novels, thrillers, mystery, psychological, a classic ‘who done it’ and all in between. What do you like about crime fiction?… Read More

Q&A with author Isabelle Grey @IsabelleGrey #killerfest15

Your name: Isabelle Grey Tell us about yourself: I started out as a journalist writing about the art world –perfect background for a crime writer! – and went on to be a non-fiction author, TV screenwriter and novelist. Tell us about your latest book: ‘Good Girls Don’t Die’ follows the race between… Read More

Q&A with author James Craig #killerfest15

Your name: James Craig Tell us about yourself: I’m an ex journalist living in London. Tell us about your latest book: I write a series about a London cop, Inspector John Carlyle. Sins of the Fathers is #8 in the series. It looks at 5 different father-daughter relationships and… Read More