Q&A with author Jax Miller @jaxmillerauthor #killerfest15

Your name: Jax Miller Tell us about yourself: I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I usually do it in binges. Tell us about your latest book: Freedom’s Child is about Freedom Oliver, a woman in the Witness Protection Program who gets into too much trouble. She watches the children she put… Read More

The Road to Freedom #killerfest15

I started dabbling in writing in my early twenties in some counsellor’s office in the States as per his suggestion. I suspect he thought it would be an outlet for me, an alternative to having to hear me rant and rave with a million F-bombs. He was my only audience… Read More

Blog profile: @CrimeBookClub #KillerFest15

Your name – Lou Your blog’s name – Crime Book Club Blog’s URL – Which types of books do you review? – I review all kinds of crime novels, thrillers, mystery, psychological, a classic ‘who done it’ and all in between. What do you like about crime fiction?… Read More

Plot, plot, plot #killerfest15

There’s a great little story (probably apocryphal) about an American screenwriter, who told his family that when he died, he wanted this epitaph chiselled into his gravestone: At Last, A Plot. Why does the anecdote resonate, especially with anyone who has tried to write fiction, especially thrillers? Because, after a… Read More

Q&A with author S K Tremayne @thomasknox #killerfest15

Your name: S K Tremayne Tell us about yourself: I am a travel writer and thriller writer. I have two daughters. I live in London. I love taking taxis. Tell us about your latest book: The Ice Twins. It is about a family with young twin daughters, who lose one of the daughters… Read More

Writing about Britain #killerfest15

The fact that we’re Americans writing about Britain isn’t unusual. Elizabeth George and Martha Grimes and Deborah Crombie—just to name a few—have trod the ground before us.  Just as English writers like Rhys Bowen, Dick Francis, Lee Child have often chosen the States for their setting.  Getting about Britain today… Read More

Blog profile: The Gymkhana Club @roshETC #KillerFest15

Your name: Roshni Radia Your blog’s name: The Gymkhana Club Blog’s URL: Which types of books do you review?: I review and read all genres of books. Crime books are a passion of mine and I tweet about them all the time too What do you like about… Read More

From the archive: Poirot’s last case #killerfest15

1975 – This quirky pamphlet showcases Agatha Christie’s last Poirot case – ‘Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case’. In the style of a play’s programme, it gives details of the cast and crew (prominent members of the Collins business) and a synopsis of scenes. Read More

#KillerFest15 line-up

The KillerFest15 Crime Fiction line-up   Not registered to receive the full virtual programme yet? You still can here (for free)  Or why not check out the live events in Waterstones bookshops around the country AGATHA CHRISTIE – Exclusive cover reveal on Kill Reads… Read More