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We asked if you had any questions for our ex-Met detective author Luke Delaney. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the questions focused on his experience in the police. We hope you enjoy this insight into the life of a detective-turned-author. More answers to come next week, on publication of THE KEEPER, the second novel in the DI Sean Corrigan series.

1. Are any of the characters or cases in your novels based on real-life experiences?

All of my characters are of a type or types of cops I worked with, but there’s no direct lifts – they’re all fictional. The cases in my novels are not based on real crimes, but the atmosphere and process of investigation are completely based on reality.

2. How does it feel to be responsible for a team, knowing that their lives could be in danger?

You don’t think about it – everyone knows their jobs and the risks involved. Sure, being in the police can be a dangerous job, but at the end of the day we’re not going into combat in Helmand Province day after day, where sudden death isn’t just a vague possibility – it’s a reality. I wouldn’t want to insult our servicemen and women by giving the impression I risked my life daily as they do.

3. How does it feel when you know you’ve found the perpetrator/killer?

It’s always a buzz to get your man or woman, but when it’s a murderer, there’s a special kind of buzz – like you’ve caught some particularly dangerous type of wild animal. There’s a heightened sense of nervous excitement, surrealism at first, but that soon fades and everyone gets on with the job.

4. How does it feel to really know what a dangerous place the world is?

I don’t see this as particularly dangerous world, or country at least – I’m just aware of the risks and can sense when something or someone is not right. I love it. I feel awake, alert and as a consequence my fear of crime is very low, because it’s realistic and I know how to avoid becoming a victim. I’d rather be able to see the dangers than be blind to them. Wouldn’t you?

5. Is it impossible to stop thinking like a detective – even now that you’re out of the force?

Completely, but who would want to stop thinking like that? Not me!

Luke’s debut novel COLD KILLING is available in paperback now. And you can become better acquainted with his main character, DI Sean Corrigan, in Luke’s short story REDEMPTION OF THE DEAD.

Redemption of the Dead

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Redemption of the Dead

Out today: A chilling short story taking us back to DI Sean Corrigan’s days as a newly minted detective from Luke Delaney, ex-Met Detective and author of Cold Killing.

1993. The Parkside Rapist has been terrorizing the women of South London, and Detective Chief Superintendent Charlie Bannan is in need of a secret weapon if he’s going to catch this particular monster.

When fresh-faced PC Sean Corrigan is transferred to join the team, Bannan immediately spots his potential. Soon Sean will find himself exploring the scars his own dark past has left him in the race to help his new mentor catch their quarry before he goes on to commit more, and worse crimes…

Have a question for Luke? We’re putting together a Q&A for the blog and want your input! Send your questions in to killerreads@harpercollins.co.uk along with your postal address and we’ll choose 10 winners to have their question answered and win a copy of Luke’s upcoming full-length novel, The Keeper.

Cold Killing is optioned for a multi-part TV series

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cold killing 1#Breaking news from the Killer Reads team!

Cold Killing has been optioned for a multi-part TV drama by none other than Carnival Film and Television, the award-winning production company behind Downton Abbey, Whitechapel and Any Human Heart.

We’ve had a fantastic response from you for Cold Killing, and The Keeper is on its way this September – so you don’t have long to wait to get your next Delaney fix.


Want to know what all the fuss is about? You can read an extract of Cold Killing below.