Felix Palma

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Felix Palma was born in Spain in 1968. A columnist and literary critic, his short stories have appeared in numerous publications. The Map of Time won the prestigious University of Seville prize for literature in 2008.

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Felix’s novel The Map of Time is coming soon, here is a little bit on what you can expect…

An epic, ambitious and page-turning thriller that will appeal to fans of ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’ and ‘Cloud Atlas’

London, 1896. Countless inventions during the Victorian era have led man to believe that science can achieve anything. With the Murray Time Travel Company offering train tours to the future it appears that H.G Wells’ novel The Time Machine has become a reality. Claire Haggerty, young, wealthy and dissatisfied with her position in society, eagerly journeys with Murray’s to the year 2000; where man battles machine in a brutal war. There she falls in love with Captain Shakleton, the leader of the waning human race. Theirs is a love that will defy time, but the brave Captain Shakleton isn’t quite what he seems. But not everyone wants to see tomorrow. For Andrew Harrington, suicidal with grief, using H.G Well’s famed machine to prevent his lover Mary’s murder is his only hope of altering the course of history and saving both their lives. Meanwhile Wells is being hunted down by Marcus Rhys, a charlatan from the future who aims to steal his latest manuscript. Hot on his trail is Inspector Garrett who’s concerned that Rhys and Wells, whose time travel exploits are well known in Victorian London, may together be responsible for a series of crimes rocking the city’s underbelly. Wells must embark on a desperate flight through the centuries to save himself from this mysterious time traveller…